Many thanks for helping us organise this visit. Casey and the team were EXCELLENT!

The children thoroughly loved it. If only you could offer this on a weekly basis!!

Annemount School

We were delighted to have the Big Yellow Bus visiting us. Our students enjoyed the coding activities and the chance to engage with virtual reality products and fascinating robots. The staff involved learned about some cutting edge technologies and commented on the high level of engagement from our students. Thanks to the staff on the Big Yellow Bus for making it such an interesting morning for our students.

Ashley College

Our students really enjoyed the activities on the big yellow bus; a big thanks to all your staff who made the morning so enjoyable!

Ashley College

The visit from the technology bus was fun, engaging and interactive. The students enjoyed using the modern gadgets and would love the bus to visit again.

Polite, friendly open staff – a lot of info, user friendly interesting features such as virtual reality – wanted more time on that!

The atmosphere was very calm and relaxed. This made it conducive for the students to learn. Amazing, brilliant, waiting for the next time.

Aylands School

It was a fantastic opportunity to experience the latest technology for staff and students. The big yellow bus arranging at school just added to the impact.

Breakspeare School

The IDEAS bus inspired and captured the imagination and curiosity of the children for new technologies. It gave them opportunity to experience new and current ICT. All the staff were knowledgeable and passionate about the tech they were sharing.

Bromet Primary School

We really enjoyed your visit. Lovely Staff! Thank you so much.

Bushey Meads Secondary School

Thank you to the Tech Bus staff for being polite and really engaging with the children. The children were buzzing after the experience and talking to each other about what they had seen. The experience was so much more than I had imagined.

The day went very smoothly and all children had a turn at the ICT products available. The children will complete some follow up work on their bus experience. The head teacher was interested in one of the items on the bus. She was very happy that the day went well and the children had enjoyed themselves. Thank you again very much. I will be recommending you to colleagues and other ICT leaders.

Carlton Vale Infants School

Our students loved going on the bus, using the fantastic equipment and we really look forward to the bus returning in the future.


The children really enjoyed the bus visit and got a chance to experience some cutting edge technology that we cannot afford to provide at school

Coppetts Wood Primary School

The bus was like a travelling Bett Show and I look forward to seeing how the project develops. I liked the idea of putting the technology in the hands on the pupils.

East Acton Primary School

I booked the IDEAS bus for my 10 digital leaders across the school. They embraced the technology that the bus brought to our school with so much enthusiasm. The staff provided excellent subject knowledge about the products and it was a fantastic opportunity to try out technology not available in most schools. The bus is a great way to promote computing in the curriculum and every school should book a visit.

Elsley Primary School

The bus was a fun and engaging way to inspire the children.

Field End Junior School

We were very excited about having the technology bus come to Grangewood. The staff were fantastic and very supportive. It was great to be able to meet with Casey beforehand so we knew exactly what to expect on the day.

The children had a fantastic opportunity to try out new equipment with the support of experienced staff. I would definitely recommend it.

Grangewood School

What a wonderful idea! From the moment the Ideas Bus arrived on site our children were excited to see what wonders the bus held. Thank you to Casey and his team who made sure the whole day ran smoothly. Children across all year groups were able to engage purposefully with a range of up-to-date technology including virtual reality headsets and a 3D printer.

Hadley Wood Primary School

The children at Harlesden Primary thoroughly enjoyed the Ed Tech Bus.

With all the latest in ICT and Technology combined with the novelty of the bus left children engaged and enthusiastic through the whole session.

We would have the bus back anytime.

Harlesden Primary School

On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team, staff and students at Harrow College, I would like to thank you and your team, Ophelia, Simon, Ben, AJ, Steve, your cameraman and others for making the 22nd a successful event.

The feedback we received from the students was that they enjoyed the experience. Many thanks once again.

Harrow College

A fantastic opportunity for the children to continue to learn coding whilst in a great environment. In addition, the chance to try new tech helped raise the computing profile in our school

Hermitage Primary School

Thank you so much for a fantastic visit by the technology bus yesterday. The children were totally blown away by the scope of technology on display and the opportunities to engage with it, they were buzzing. So were the teachers. It was a truly amazing visit and your staff were fantastic.

Highwood Primary School

The IDEAS bus is a great initiative and all of the children in the school really enjoyed the activities and gadgets. The Staff were very professional, friendly and most accommodating. We will definitely look into booking the bus out for a full day at some point in the future

John Keble CE Primary School

Thank you for providing an exciting, hands on morning for the children.

John Locke Academy

The children really enjoyed their time on the bus and it was accessible to all pupils which was great.

The technology bus was an excellent, interactive experience for the children in Laurel Lane.

They had the opportunity to experiment with and observe modern technology that could contribute to their learning.

Laurel Lane Primary School

The Ideas technology bus is an amazing way to bring exciting and cutting edge technology to our students. With tightening budgets in education, this is a rare opportunity that the children absolutely loved!

Little Reddings Primary School

Staff & pupils enjoyed the visit. We had fun & got some good ideas for projects for the future. KS1 enjoyed their session as it was all new to them and something different

Longwood School and Nursery

The children loved the bus, they truly enjoyed how interactive everything was. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I am sure this will go a long way to making the children feel excited about computing

Mount Pleasant Lane JMI School

The technology bus visit was a fantastic experience for our year 8s. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and were more engaged than I’ve ever seen. The virtual reality glasses were a great experience for them

Northwood School

We had a great time, we’d like to thank you and are looking forward to seeing you again in the new year!

Mount Pleasant Lane JMI School

“The day was great for inspiring and giving children a chance to see coding decades ago. A worthwhile experience as well as insightful for teaching ideas.”

“The bus provided a great opportunity for children to experience technology in a different setting than just a classroom. Gave me great ideas”

Oakington Manor School

We really enjoyed the bus visit, so thank you to all your staff again for coming in.

Preston Manor Lower School

What a fantastic day! You have inspired our children with a wonderful range of technology, educating them about the various possibilities open to them in their future careers. Thank you for being so friendly and professional from start to finish. We can’t wait for another visit!

Stanburn Primary School

The IDEAS bus was amazing, all our children thoroughly enjoyed experiencing technology they would not see anywhere else. The children were very excited by everything they saw. All the staff were friendly and had good control over the children.

St Catherine Catholic Primary School

We would like to organise for the bus to return to give the Year 3 and 4 children a chance to see the bus.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Thanks for coming to visit St Joseph’s, the children had a great time trying out all of the technology.

St Joseph RC Junior School

The IDEAS bus is amazing experience for all the children and adults. The children and adults loved it, we just wish the sessions were a little bit longer. The staff running the sessions were very well organised and excellent at communicating with the children. Definitely will book again! Thank you very much!

St Margaret Clitherow Primary School

The Children were talking about the bus for days afterwards.

St Vincent’s Primary School

The Ideas Bus is a fantastic opportunity for children to see lots of amazing technology that they would not usually have access to. The team were friendly and knowledgeable throughout the booking process right through to the end of the day of the bus visit. We have already rebooked for next year! Thank you.

Tanners Wood JMI School

The Technology bus was a great opportunity for our pupils, parents and teachers to see some different ideas of technology that is available on the market. The children were able to have hands on experiences with items which many only hear about. The staff were amazing, spending time with the children to ensure they understood the items they used and how this can be used within the wider world. The smiles on the faces of all showed the fun that was had.

The children had a fantastic day and were talking about the “Yellow Bus” long after they had left!

Thank you very much for coming to our school.

The Reddings & Nursery School

Thanks for an eye opening, interactive and fun afternoon. Our learners very much enjoyed having technology brought into their world and joining in with a virtual world of imagination and computing magic

The Village School

Excellent interactive way of engaging and informing students about the technological advances.

Villiers High School

Without doubt, this entertaining and educational workshop was one of the best we have had. Every single child was completely engrossed by the various pieces of modern technology available to explore and the adults loved it too!

Warren Dell Primary School

It is clear the Ideas Bus is run by a passionate team of professionals, eager to promote STEM teaching and learning to secondary schools across the area. Our visit inspired, motivated and engaged pupils across a wide range of year groups. The word spread fast across the school and pupils turned up at DT begging to be given a slot to take a tour. Thank you to all involved and we will see definitely see you again.

Watford Grammar School For Boys

The learners valued the experience. They were engaged by the opportunity to have “hands on” involvement with the hardware. The staff were helpful and able to guide the learners so that they got the most out of the visit.

West Herts College

An inspiring experience that gave the children opportunities to ‘have a go’ at technologies they would never have seen or touched before. A fascinating and inspiring, innovative experience. Every child gained a wonderful and educational insight into the world of technology.

Whiteheath Junior School

The children were clearly excited about the whole experience and wanted more experiences like this. The bus provided a unique technology experience for our learners. Thank you

Wykeham Primary School