A new vehicle to drive change. Literally.

Getting through the door of any educational establishment is a hard-knock experience. Teachers love to hear about the newest developments in EdTech, but they hate being sold to. That’s why our solution is so effective — we let your technology speak for itself.

No-fluff reasons why you should jump aboard the IDEAS Bus


    The IDEAS Bus goes where your sales people can’t. With hundreds of schools and colleges already on the waiting list, our free educational platform is your one-stop destination to reach a vast number of decision makers across the country. Your tech products can tour the UK at almost no cost compared to the value, while you’ll run no risk of damaging the priceless relationships with educators. It’s a ticket that gets you everywhere.


    The IDEAS Bus is designed to make teachers’ life easier by helping them to unlock the unlimited potential of EdTech. They are encouraged to explore and trial the technology on board the bus and receive quality guidance from our highly qualified staff. The pressure-free environment often accelerates the buying process, creating unprecedented ROI opportunities for our partners. And with a guaranteed number of opportunities sourced for your company, the ROI engine never stops turning.


    The IDEAS Bus can be your missing link in communication with educational establishments. We collect first-hand experiences and opinions from teachers and senior leadership as well as gather understanding of the current and future requirements for schools. Getting into the mindset of your potential customers is the only way to fine-tune your offering, and with all this information at your fingertips, you’ll soon wonder how you lived before the tech bus era. Plus, added bonus: you can finally have all your why’s answered.


    Educators are struggling to stay on top of the ever-changing EdTech world. The more confusion and uncertainty plagues the market, the harder it is for suppliers to achieve sales (think analysis paralysis). The IDEAS Bus is a trusted information source that takes this pain away from educators by presenting them with the best options on the market. Being on the bus keeps your brand top-of-mind and gives it enormous targeted exposure among senior decision makers. So when the time to buy comes, they know where to turn.


    Jumping aboard the IDEAS Bus means you’re actively helping the less privileged communities to tap into the knowledge they would otherwise be unable to access. Investing in future tech talent doesn’t just feel good, it makes a real difference (but we won’t lie, it feels pretty great, too). And the goodness doesn’t end here. Charities, good causes, community centres and other do-good organisations can use the tech bus to help local communities and make amazing projects come to life. If Corporate Social Responsibility is something that matters to your brand, you got on the right bus.


The nitty-gritty of how it works

The IDEAS Bus does not discriminate between primary schools and higher education establishments. We visit all institutions that want to go on this amazing tech adventure because no one is too young or too old to get inspired.

What can you expect if you become our partner?

  • Your logo gets its own place on the side of the bus to capture people’s attention wherever we travel.
  • Your product is installed inside the bus and is shown to staff, students and parents on each visit.
  • Your product is introduced to senior leadership through tailored case studies and stories that aim to educate and inspire.
  • The bus staff engage in active listening to identify the main pain points that educators struggle with and highlight relevant features of your product.
  • All opportunities are recorded and handled according to the agreement you have with us.

Still clouded in doubt?

Snap out of indecision with these 10 sobering questions.

What is the lifetime value of a new education customer to your business?

The big question which can only be answered if you know how long a customer stays with you and what their average spend is over that time period. Some contracts with education can last ve years and be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. Would just one new customer be a worthwhile investment in DT for your business? How many new customers would your business need to justify the investment in DT?

How much would you pay to get your product or service in front of a decision maker?

When we asked various suppliers this question their answers ranged from as little as £25 to as high as £5,000. The majority were between £100 and £200. How much is a new customer worth to you?

What is your current brand awareness in the education market?

Do the customers know, like and trust your brand? Schools are notoriously slow to accept change or new suppliers. That also means that once you have an education customer you are more likely to keep them

What is your normal education customer acquisition costs?

There is no such thing as a free customer. All customers cost us whether it is through time given, advertising, discounts, oers etc. Can DT lower your customer acquisition costs or provide a better conversion rates?

How much would it cost you in advertising to market to 300 schools?

Not only how much would it cost you, but of those 300 schools, how many of them would you even get an opportunity to speak to, let alone get sales from?

Do you generate good leads at static exhibitions?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to this question, then the tech bus is just an evolution of these events with better quality opportunities.

If your answer is ‘no’ to this question, then maybe the tech bus is the route to market you have been waiting for! Test and measure.

Could just one of your sales people get you in front of 300 school decision makers each year?

This would translate roughly to just under 2 appointments per day. A tall order in any industry, let alone education!

Of those 300 cold leads, how many would you actually convert?

Schools do not like aggressive sales tactics. This can damage your brand in the education community. Allowing DT to do the passive selling still gets you the results you need, but without damaging your reputation.

How much do you spend on static exhibitions?

There is the cost of the space itself along with the extras: stand creation, stang costs to man the stand, accommodation, travel, food and drink, additional marketing material, wasted time on non-quality opportunities.

How much does it cost to do a product demo?

Sending someone to a prospective customer has a cost. Equipment, employee time, travel, food, potentially wasted time due to a poor lead etc.

Ride with the IDEAS Bus!

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