What is Driving Technology (DT) and
The I.D.E.A.S. Bus?

The Inspirational Delivery of EdTech Across Schools Bus
A hands-on technology adventure, brought to your doorstep.
This is a FREE community informational service brought direct to you by the Driving Technology team through the medium of the IDEAS bus. The Inspirational Delivery of EdTech Across Schools Bus. For many years people have utilised the community Library Buses and similar. We at DT are now taking this concept one step further by bringing you the IDEAS bus packed full of the latest and innovative Educational Technology (EdTech) solutions to you, your staff, your students, your governors, your parents and local community.

This amazing initiative brings a specially redesigned bright yellow American School bus to your establishment where you get the opportunity to not only learn about what technology is out there that can really bring educational value to you and your students, but also allows you to trial the hardware and software with hands on experience. In addition to this, you are able to access information about best practice, case studies, testimonials, white papers etc and therefore gain an insight of what is currently available to help assist in effective delivery of the curriculum, helping make the most of your teaching staff’s time.

Frequently asked questions

How do we utilise the IDEAS bus?

Your school can utilise the bus as it sees fit. It is there for you. We have a wealth of ideas of how it can be used. This will be discussed in the pre-bus visit.

How many people can fit on the IDEAS Bus?

The bus can seat 12 people. For health and safety reasons, standing room only will probably be around 15 to 20 but this will be confirmed before the bus launches.

What is the catch?

A minimum of two decision makers from the school need to watch the presentation (15-20 minutes long) when the bus arrives. This can be from the senior leadership team (head teacher, deputy head teacher etc), business manager/bursar, ICT coordinator, Network manager etc. In addition, we would of course like feedback to help us improve as well as testimonials so we know we are doing the right things and can improve our visits to schools.

Do we need to buy something?

Definitely not. The IDEAS bus is there for you to use, gather information and help you make informed choices about the path you are taking in regards to education technology. Obviously if you see something you like and want more information or want to take up the unique offers available, then that is your choice. First and foremost the IDEAS bus is informational!

What are the times for the IDEAS bus?

The session slots are morning from 08:00 till 12:00 or the afternoon from 13:00 till 17:00. You can choose the exact times within each slot but those are the earliest and latest timings for each session.

Can we change the time?

As long as the bus is within your window of time, whether morning or afternoon you can have the bus arrive whenever. For example if you wanted the IDEAS bus to arrive at 09:00 instead of 08:00 that is fine but it will still need to leave at 12:00.

Can we get extra time?

The first visit is always free. Extra time can be purchased. If you decide to purchase an extra session, therefore having the bus for the whole day, it will cost £1 per FTE student with a minimum cost of £300 and capped at £600 (ex VAT).

If the school is one of our Champion Schools, they can get additional sessions at a reduced cost or, for certain projects, it would be completely free of charge. If you would like to be involved as a Champion School, please let us know.

What if we need to change/cancel the date?

There is a cost to get the bus to the school plus logistics to plan in advance, so if the school changes/cancels within 4 weeks of their visit there will be a cost to cover our costs unless we can fill that slot. If you are able to arrange for one of your local schools to have the bus for that session (which hasn’t already booked a session) then there would be no charge to you.

What equipment is on the IDEAS bus?

The IDEAS bus attempts to cover all elements of education technology from hardware to software to services along with some more exciting and innovative new technologies.