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Anything else?

We want your visit from the IDEAS bus to be a fun and informative experience. To see viable technological solutions for your school as well as try out fun technology such as virtual reality.

If you have any questions that have not been covered in this document, please do let us know.

Who is on the IDEAS bus?

Our team are experienced in the world of education technology and include senior IT engineers and IT consultants. The members of the team on the bus on the day of your visit will be able to assist you with the technology on board and help you with the technology vision for your school and provide solutions. All of our team are DBS cleared and carry their certificates with them.

Do we need to offer anything?

Access to power would be useful (although we do have alternative power generation) and on-site parking.

The pre-bus visit helps us to better plan your visit so that the schools get the most of the time the bus is there.

All feedback and testimonials are much appreciated as this helps us continue to provide a valuable service to the education community.